Brewing the “Ich bin ein Berliner Weisse”

My beer discovery this year is Sour beers. They really didn’t float my boat in the past, but it seems this year I love every single one I sample! It’s usually a pretty complex style since it is using a mix of bacteria which is a lot less stable than good ol brewer’s yeast. It’s also a style that takes a lot of time usually. The bacterias need months to consume the complex sugars left over by the yeast.

I recently came accross a way to make a sour-wort pretty quickly with lactobacillus to make a really quick Berliner Weisse. This method creates much less complexity than the traditional way, but for this style is doesn’t matter that much, especially if I referment it on fruits afterwards. The main pro is: it only takes a few days more than a normal beer!

More details on the actual beer’s page coming soon.

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