Tasting the Samus



The Samus has been under CO2 for a few days already, it was time to test. I had a Yakima at hand, it would have been crazy not to compare them. The color is very similar, much more in person than in the pictures actually. It’s only the reflections that are yellower for the Yakima vs orange for the Samus. It’s probably made only with pale malt, possibly pils.


The aroma is very similar, definitly in the same shades. The flavor is quite different. The Samus is a lot less citrusy but mostly less grapefruit. It’s a lot more mellow, like mellon. It also had a thicker body.



So yeah. Now I’ve got an idea of my keggerator’s performance and my keg system is now proven to work. There’s a first time for everything!

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